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People will look for you on the web - it's a given in today's marketplace. If you're not on the web, they'll likely find your competitors online, and let's face it, that's bad for your business.


Whether your company needs a presence on the web, a full-fledged e-commerce site, or you need your site revamped, a website is probably the most affordable and effective long-term communication, marketing and corporate identity tool you can have - all wrapped up into one.


Wingenuity Design specializes in helping you be seen on the web. With eye-catching design that's tailored to fit your company, you'll be proud to send customers to your website, and you won't be left out when new customers look for your services online.

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why get a website from Wingenuity Design?

  • You'll work with a friendly staff that prides themselves on outstanding customer service and exceptional quality.
  • A designer will get to know you, your business, and products and services, giving you the opportunity to really share what you're looking for in a website.
  • The sky's the limit. We can create a static site (meaning the content is primarily updated by the designer, and only changed in the code) or a dynamic, database-driven site that is used to power sites with large amounts of content and/or content that changes regularly. We can also incorporate forms and Flash elements into your website, and even get you selling products online with e-commerce.
  • Each website is designed to reflect the style and feel you want your business to portray. Whether you're looking for a simple site or a complex one, your site will look fantastic and be easy to navigate.
  • We use the latest standards-compliant XHTML coding and CSS page layout, meaning your site will load up fast, be stable, and render great in any modern browser.
  • Four Phase project management makes the process easy and hassle free.
  • Once your site is online, it's quick and easy to get changes made.


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Websites are included in many of our Visual Identity packages. Websites require a Maintenance and Hosting plan.